You’ve got a great product but…
How does the world know it exists or it‘s for sale???

Through advertising with Nayarit Properties….

To go out on your own and spend your time and money can be more costly than you think...
Wouldn’t you rather be doing other things with your time?

» If you are a seller consider us as an integral part of your marketing budget..

» If you are a buyer you should go with professionals that know the area and are AMPI certified.

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Let us help rent or sell your property or both!

  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Renters
  • Rental Property Management
  • Commercial
  • Investors
  • Builders
  • Developers


  • Comprehensive marketing plan
  • Extensive Networking system.. Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta, U.S., Canada and the Interior of Mexico
  • Networking with AMPI Real Estate professionals in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico
  • International Marketing
  • Target Market Demographics
  • Integrated, working relationship with Federal, State and City Hall officials
  • Revision of Market Traffic Statistics
  • Efficient Personalized Reporting and Feedback Analysis for your property or business.

Nayarit Properties is your Real Estate solution for investing in Nayarit, Mexico.